From Irish Book of Arms Plates 85, 92 130, 137.

Listed below are all of the different variations of the spelling of the name Lowary. Please E-mail me if your have anyother varations that you would like added. This is by no means a complete listing but over time, and with your help maybe it could be?

Thanks. James L. Lowary

Surname Variations Listed:

Laghrie, Laughery, Laughry, Laurie, Laury, Lavery, Lawie, Lawrey, Lawrie, Lawry, Leary, Lochry, Lockey, Loghry, Lohrey, Lorey, Lori, Lorry, Loughary, Loughery, , Loughry, Lourie, Loury, Lowary, Loweary, Lower, Lowerie, Lowery, Lowey, Lowie, Lowrey, Lowrie, Lowry,

MacLaran, MacLaruan, MacLauren, MacLaurie, MacLaurin, MacLeran, MacLorry, MacLure, McCLarin, McLaran, McLaren, McLarin, McLauren, McLaurie, McLearen, McLeary,

O Labharadah, O'Leary, O'Lowry

 Laghrie   Lochry   Lourie   Lowry   McLaran  
 Laughery   Lockery  Loury   MacLaran  McLaren 
 Laughry   Loghry   Lowary   MacLaren  McLarin 
 Laurie   Lohrey   Loweary   MacLaruan  McLauren
 Laury   Lorey  Lower  MacLauren   McLaurie  
 Lavery   Lori  Lowerie  MacLaurie   McLearen  
 Lawie   Lorry   Lowery   MacLaurin  McLeary  
 Lawrey   Loughary   Lowey  MacLeran  O Labharadah 
 Lawrie   Loughery   Lowie   MacLorry   O'Leary 
 Lawry   Loughrey  Lowrey  MacLure  O'Lowry 
 Leary   Loughry  Lowrie   McClarin  

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* The above Coat of Arms is from "Book of Irish Families, great and small" by O'Laughlin, page 182. Used with permission from Irish Genealogical Foundation.

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