Low?ry Things

These are various things that several people have given to me to share with everyone else.
eMail me if you have something you'd like to place on this page and I'll do my best to get it up here.
I won't promiss that it will get here quickly, but it will get here!

Please give credit to those that are credited here, and let the downloading begin!  And enjoy the hunt!!  -- Jim LowAry

The other nine documents are copies of my paternal grandfather James
Lowry, Sr.'s  "Last Will and Testament" and probate court documents.  The
Will was made at St John's, NL in l9l9.  He died on November 22, 1924 and
my father, his only son, James John Lowry, (Feb 5, 1899 to  October 26,
1972) probated this Willl in the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of
Newfoundland as is custom in this jurisdiction of Canada. Probate was
issued out of said court on 6th day of January, A.D. 1926.
My warmest personal regards,

Michael Laurie

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