De Loire Settlers

Well established tradition says, that, among the many Norman "adventurers" who found their way into our Irish mother land in search of a home during the years following upon the conquest of Ireland by Henry II of England, in the train of the Barrys, Cauntetons, Sir John De Courcey, Fitz-Giralds, Fit-Maurices, Le Flemings, De Hays, De Nugents, Le Powers, De Predergasts, and others, were many people of the Loire river Colony, within whos veins flowed the blood of martyred Waldenses and Albigenses, who had come out of the Alps in troublous (Op cit) times, and who were well known as the Le Loire settlers, some of who tracked up into the province of Ulster, locating in the southern part of County Down, others in Autrim, Tyrone, and far away conrers of "Ould Donegal." An old Irish "Lowry Clan" ruled by an Earl, as chief, distinctly marked on an ancient map of Ireland in possession of the writer, is traceable back to this early French invasion into parts of the northern province of the island; and from it, many of the Lowrys of "northern Ireland," at home and abroad, trace their lineage with pardonalble pride.

One of the most happy recollections by the present writer is that of a memorable occasion, when a family ancestor drew from his treasure store on antiquaries a venerable document and read to him carefully and very impressively the following record. "The name "Lowry" orginated from the Loire River colony in France, from whence many came as refugees into Great Britian to escape the bloody persections in their native land, and later crossed over into Ireland, when a corrupt and cruel oligarchy attemted to dictate to thse free born Presbyterians how they must worship God.' This explains why some Lowrys entered Ireland via Scotland. Representatives of thes old Huguenot settlers are still numerous in Northern Ireland, and they continue to exhibit in marked degree the commendable characteristics of their race.

In the Province of Connaught there was also a considerable sprinkling from time to time of French Huguenot blood, which is represented in such familiar names as Devliu De Evelyn), Burk (De Burghe), Joly, Dillon (Dilleau), Martin (Martah), Porter (La Porte), Newekk (Neville).

Typed by Eileen Norris, who found the infomation in a file in Somerset County, PA at the Historical Center near Somerset. It was a file containing various Lowery, Lowry, Lowary items and correspondence sent by various people.

Written on bottom was "copied from a small booklet on Ireland written in 1800's".